Price for school groups is 285 CZK / student / night.


The boarding is dependent on accommodation and current programme, during the trips out of Pojizeří are prepared hearty lunch packets.

We can get you sausages for an evening roasting or barbecue upon your request.

Prices for roasting sausages:

elementary school - younger elementary school - older high school
25 CZK / person 40 CZK / person 60 CZK / person
1x sausage, accessories 2x sausages, accessories 3x sausages, accessories
2x sausages, salad, accessories

So you don't have to collect the wood in the forrest, we offer wood to make a fire for price 200 CZK.

Boarding prices for schools

  elementary school - younger elementary school - older high school
breakfast 55 CZK / person 70 CZK / person 80 CZK / person
half board 125 CZK / person 160 CZK / person 180 CZK / person
full board 195 CZK / person 255 CZK / person 300 CZK / person

Drinking is included in the price

You can also order snacks - 60 CZK / person for 2 snacks during the day

Every year, we create in cooperation with instructors from our Žlutá plovárna interesting and action programmes for your pupils and students. You can liven up your school trip or outdoor school by uncommon and adrenaline experiences. We have taken care of hundreds of pupils of the elementary and high schools and universities in the last seven years, for whom all we have prepared unforgettable experiences on water, ground or in the air. Have a look at some of them:


Trip on scooters

You can book scooters in our rental and set out anywhere in the Bohemian Paradise. It is possible to plan a round trip with returning back to the guest house or a one way trip and get back on scooters or by train or bus. We will pick up and transport the scooters back.


Trip on boats and scooters

You can go with your pupils or students on boats from Malá Skála to Dolánky and then go back on scooters or on foot past Klokočské or Besedické skály.


Rope centre

An adrenaline experience, which a rope centre definitely is, will for sure be a welcome variegation and topic of many talks. It will also strengthen the trust in friends and the relationships between the pupils/students, especially when dealing with the hurdles, and it will also test the courage of both the students and the teachers.


Photo orienteering “race” through Malá Skála

An adventurous and educational programme for children, during which they can test their sense of direction and communication. (The class is divided in small groups, each of them gets a camera and manual with GPS coordinate leading to interesting places close by Malá Skála. The task of the group is to get to the appointed places and take a picture there.)


Observatory Turnov

A school trip doesn’t necessarily have to end with the sunset. In the observatory in Turnov, which is run by our company, is possible to attend popular-educational programme connected with watching the Sun during the day and admire the starry night with an expert presenting about the topic. Include the visit of the observatory in your programme and your students will definitely appreciate it.

Canoes with instructor Malá Skála - Dolánky (1 instructor for each 10 children) - with training 250 CZK / person
Canoes Malá Skála - Dolánky (2 seat canoe) - without instructor or guide 300 CZK / canoe
Rafts Malá Skála - Dolánky (for 4-7 people) - without instructor or guide 700 CZK / raft
Guide - Canoeing guide - without introductory briefing 500 CZK / guide
Canoes with instructor Malá Skála - Příšovice (1 instructor for each 10 children) - with training 350 CZK / person
Extra instructor for half day 700 CZK / instructor
Scooters Dolánky - Malá Skála or in opposite direction 120 CZK / person
Scooters for half day   150 CZK / person
Scooters for 1 day 200 CZK / person
Downhill ride on scooter from Kopanina to Malá Skála 140 CZK / person
Downhill ride on scooter from Kopanina to Dolánky 170 CZK / person
Instructor for downhill ride on scooters 500 CZK / instructor
High rope centre (small children) 170 CZK / person
High rope centre (older children) 270 CZK / person
Teambuilding games 240 CZK / person
Fotocaching in Malá Skála 120 CZK / person
Observatory Turnov 50 CZK / person


What are other possibilities for an interesting school trip? Email us or call on +420 777 682 579 and discuss with our instructors the concrete form of your programme.

Opening hours of the restaurant

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July, August: Mon-Sun 9-17


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