Accommodation in the guest house Křížky provides many assets. Thanks to a linkage with Žlutá plovárna rental you can use the proposition and long-time experience with organizing and planning company events and arrange original and out-of-the-ordinary programme.


Company events

If you are thinking about organizing an unusual event for your company in a pleasant environment, you can use the services of our guest house. Its location on the edge of Malá Skála, directly by the cycle path, is also an interesting place for product demos of the producers and distributors of bicycles or climbing equipment. The closeness of the cycle path and Suché skály and Pantheon, which are popular among the climbers, makes it possible to use the assortment on view in action.



If you need a quiet place to organize your conference, you can use our services as well. We will organize for you both light refreshment and a hearty bash in our social room. After a demanding day spent on a chair you can use the service of our scooter rental and go air yourself on the cycle path Greenway Jizera.



Come to us to boost your team spirit and you will experience extraordinary collective experiences. Instructors from Žlutá plovárna will prepare a rich programme for you, which will drag in and amuse all your employees.


For information about what all can we do for you email us or call on +420 775 580 388 to discuss with our instructors the concrete form of your programme.

Opening hours of the restaurant

May, June: Fri-Sun 9-17

July, August: Mon-Sun 9-17


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