Sport activities

All the guests accommodated in the guest house Křížky have a number of opportunities for sporting. You can also use the 5% discount on services in our sporting areas in Malá Skála and Dolánky, for example renting the assortment of the boat and scooter rental in Žlutá plovárna or pedal cars GO KARTS in nearby Camp Dolánky.

Services available in the Guest house Křížky

Žlutá plovárna Malá Skála

Camp Dolánky


A sport-recreational area Žlutá plovárna is located approximately 20-minute walk from the guest house and in addition to the rental and rope centre offers a pleasant surroundings for relax and resting, and nature bathing in Jizera, which is thanks to the gradual descent of the bank suitable also for small children.

Camp Dolánky is located circa 3 km downstream and offers a possibility to bath up the weir, a visit of Dlask’s farm – a museum of vernacular architecture, and also our sport services – scooter and pedal cars rental.

All the services can be booked in advance from your home or any time during your stay in the guest house.

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Others days for accomodated and after previous reservation.


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